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MMD Events is a full-service event planning and consulting agency.
The letters MMD stand for "Make My Day" as for Aurélie TOCCO, Managing Director, events planning is all about delivering innovative, unique and memorable experiences.
With an international experience, MMD Events specializes in helping clients from all around the world to make the most of their events on the Riviera.

The team offers help and advice for organizing events, providing extensive knowledge of the local area, including liaison with local partners, on-site assistance as well as Destination Management expertise for all Cannes festivals and congresses. Whether you favor private venues, private beaches, hotels or meeting rooms we will help you locate and hire the right venue.

Our Clients


MMD Events helps companies from all over the world by creating and executing a complete solution that brings visions to reality, using innovative ideas, limitless resources and professional expertise in Cannes Events and Congresses management.


Be the point of contact of international companies in Cannes and the leading event management agency specialized in Cannes Special Events and Congresses.


Because we have both the privilege to be based in Cannes for over 10 years, therefore we benefit from great contacts and destination expertise, and at the same time our international experience allows us to understand your needs, your work style, we are flexible and always trying to avoid the discomfort of time difference.


Meet this constantly creative, always passionate, seriously fun and full of energy team

Aurélie TOCCO.jpg


Managing Director

With more than 15 years of event expertise around the world, Aurelie is naturally organized and pours her creativity and attention to detail into every event we produce.

After her studies, Aurelie left France to pursue new adventures: first, she went to New York, where she became a restaurant manager, then to Montreal where she worked as the sales director of two hotels.

After a few years in America, she flew off to Dubai to take the leadership (along with the event director) of the event department in a famous palace hotel.

Later, she was attracted by the beautiful French Riviera and all of the exciting events taking place there. First she took a job as an events manager, then she was promoted to Advertising and Special Events Sales Director in a palace hotel on La Croisette. Thus, for 10 years, she has always been in the heart of large scale events in the city. She has built an expertise in the running of festivals, and knows all of the ins and outs. She has extensive technical knowledge, both in the planning and the on-site execution phases of our events.


On week-ends, Aurélie carries her mat around and tries to relax and to let go of tensions through yoga, an activity that she has been practicing for many years.


Very successful and well-known companies trust our expertise in events planning, and we are very thankful for their loyalty!

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